Platform independent software

A Dental software that works on any device

Dentsoftware is a browser based software designed to work on any kind of devices. Enjoy using your favourite device for dental practice
A Dental software that works on any device

Perfect Smile Orthodontic & Cosmetic Dental Center

Many Satisfied dental practices

"Dentsoftware has touched all aspects of the dental clinic processes we follow at Perfect Smile Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dental Center and helped make them more efficient. We have moved from a paper based clinic to a completely paperless setup in about 1 week.Dr. Mohammad Alkhairo
Many Satisfied dental practices

The sychronised modules makes your dental practice simpler

Everything you need in one place

Running a dental practice is easier when your modules play sync with each other. With Patient management, Appointments, Case sheets, Insurance, Inventory, Finance, Lab works, Pharmacy, HR and even payment processing in one application, you're always organized and up to date. Use only what you need today, don't pay for anything you don't want.
Everything you need in one place

20 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers - 2016

Dental software from the leader in the industry

The unique concept of smart dental practice management helped Avengersoft to secure a position in 20 most promising healthcare providers. This innovative concept helped many dental clinics to perform better. We welcome you to feel the difference.
Dental software from the leader in the industry

Solo Practice - Specialty Clinic - Chain of Clinics - Dental College. We have software for all...

It's easy, User-friendly and Adaptive to any kind of dental practice

Dentsoftware is an ideal dental software for dentists or practice managers.Create your first appointment in minutes. Unlimited 21 day free trial (with no need to enter credit card details). Simple, easy and effective. Get real-time insight into how your healthcare facility is performing.
It's easy, User-friendly and Adaptive to any kind of dental practice
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A Complete Dental Software 

A single software that covers entire dental clinic requirements such as Appointment, Patient management, Reception Management, Dental charting, Fee Management, SMS/Emails, Lab, Inventory, Finance, Pharmacy etc. Now choose these modules as per your requirements.

Works on any device

Our Dental software programs are designed in the latest Web standards, and works consistently across different platforms. iPad, iPhone, Mac, Tablets, Smart phones, Android etc..

Centralized Management

Easily scale up and control branch clinics while simplifying processes with a centralized, web based dental software. Now access the branch information and consolidate reports in simple clicks. 


 Works Anywhere

 Now access your dental clinic data from anywhere. Use your Smart phone or Tabet to know your appointments, patient details, collections etc. It makes you smart, efficient and highly competent. 


Dentsoftware is a customisable dental software. It can be customised as per the client's requirements or work flows. It is also possible to develop new modules specially for each client. 

User Friendly

Dentsoftware encapsulate complex business processes, policies and procedures required to function dental clinics efectively. Now its more simplified with the best practices available



bullets  Patient Management
bullets  Appointments & Re call
bullets Reception Management
bullets Oral Examincaiton & Planning
bullets Graphical dental charting
bullets Fee Management
bullets Insurance
bullets Lab work Management
bullets Inventory with Pharmacy
bullets Finance
bullets Central Store / Inventory
bullets Kiosk
bullets Online appointments
bullets Perio charting
bullets Orthodontic management




"Dentsoftware has touched all aspects of the dental clinic processes we follow at Perfect Smile Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dental Center and helped make them more efficient. We have moved from a paper based clinic to a completely paperless setup in about 1 week. Thanks to dentsoftwre team" and special thanks for Mr. Jay.

Dr. Mohammad Alkhairo, Dubai, UAE


dentist in iraq uses dentsoftware


"We are delighted with Avengersoft and the dental software that they have delivered. They were very quick in picking up our needs and simplifying the complex workflows. Their dental software solution which not only met our requirements, but surpassed them. Very simple, very direct, very useful. We are very pleased with their service levels too. They were very Professional, Helpful and good in sorting out the network issues"  Dr. Pshko Rabaty, Iraq


indian dentist uses our dental software


 "I was trying different dental softwares for years, but none of them met my requirements. Now I have been using Dentsoftware for few years. It helped me to meet all my dental clinic requirements and patent follow ups"

Dr. Alias Thomas, India





Dr. Mihir patel of vadodra gujrat india recommends dentsoftware - dental software to other dentists for their dental clinics


"I've found this dental software to be very useful. I really appreciate the straightforward interface, Dentsoftware is a good product. If anyone asks me about a dental software, I'm going to tell them about your dental software program. Keep up the good work"

Dr. Mihir Patel, India



dr kavitha biji ernakulam kerala india uses dental software download for free


"Dentsoftware has really eased off my work in my clinic. Its one of the best software that I have come across. Their service and after sales support are very prompt and good. They all are very supportive to me"

Dr. Kavitha Biji, India






"Dentsoftware is the best software that came across my professional life. All the modules are well connected to ensure minimum data entry and easy to use. It is very easy to learn and we do not require any hardcore computer knowledge"

Dr. Sabu Thazhath, India

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