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Dental Clinic Management Software

Running a dental practice is easier when your modules play sync with each other. With Patient management, Appointments, Dental chart, Payments, Insurance, Inventory, Finance, .... you're always organised and up to date.

Practice from Anywhere Anytime

The Dentsoftware Online version gives flexibility to do practice from anywhere any time. Take your practice to next level. Just register for a Trial today. Its absolutely free. No card information required.

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Dentsoftware offline is a customisable software which can be scaled up as you grow. No worry of internet connection as it runs on your intranet. More secure and private.

Need customisation? We are ready...

Clients in 18 countries. Still counting...

Seasoned software with wide installations across different countries. Its adaptive to any kind of dental practice. Elevate your practice by adopting the best workflows used by leading dentists in different countries.

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User friendly

Our dental software program encapsulate complex business processes, policies and procedures required to function dental clinics effectively into more organised and simplified manner… makes it loveable

Centralized Management

Easily scale up and control branch clinics while simplifying processes with a centralized, web based dental software. Now access the branch information and consolidate reports in simple clicks. 

Works on any device

Dentsoftware is designed in the latest Web standards, and works consistently across different platforms. Its designed responsive for iPad, Mac, Tablets, Windows PCs etc.. Watch it live on your favourite device


Dentsoftware – Offline is a customisable dental software. It can be customised as per the client’s requirements or work flows. It is also possible to develop new modules specially for the clients. 

Works Anywhere

 Now access your dental clinic data from anywhere. Use your Smart phone or Tabet to know your appointments, patient details, collections etc. It makes you smart, efficient and highly competent. 

Complete Dental Software

An integrated system that gives you total insight of your practice by collecting data from various modules. A system that empowers management to take right decesion on right time. 

What are you waiting for

best dental software

The Dental software

Dentsoftware – The dental software is a leading Dental clinic software program designed for a personalised dental clinic management. Presently, with our integrated dental software program, we serve many dental clinics, offices, hospitals and dental colleges across different countries. The breadth of our dentistry and technical expertise would ensure a powerful web based software that can make the dental clinic smart and paper free. It seamlessly integrates Patient management, Clinical management and Administration through the powerful modules such as appointment scheduler, reception management, oral examination & treatment planning, dental charting, billing, insurance,  dental lab work management, orthodontic management and dental imaging. Our dental office software programs are designed to work on Windows PC, Mac, iPad and Android Tablets

Which one is good for you?


  • Access from anywhere, any time
  • Continuous upgrades
  • Highly secure data centre
  • No worry of hardware or virus issues
  • Very nominal annual charges
  • Easily scalable
  • Internet is required


  • No internet required
  • Customisable
  • Private data security with local storage
  • Access from anywhere using static IP
  • One time software fee
  • High chance of system crash or virus issues
  • Periodic manual updates
Dr.Pshko Rabaty Erbil Iraq uses Dentsoftare - Dental software
Dr. Pshko Rabaty
British Dental, Erbil, Iraq

We are delighted with Avengersoft and the dental software that they have delivered. They were very quick in picking up our needs and simplifying the complex workflows. Their dental software solution which not only met our requirements, but surpassed them. Very simple, very direct, very useful. We are very pleased with their service levels too. They were very Professional, Helpful and good in sorting out the network issues”

Dr. Alkhairo , Dubai, UAE, use dental software
Dr. Mohammad Alkhairo
Perfect Dental, Dubai, UAE

“Dentsoftware has touched all aspects of the dental clinic processes we follow at Perfect Smile Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dental Center and helped make them more efficient. We have moved from a paper based clinic to a completely paperless setup in about 1 week. Thanks to dentsoftwre team

dental software in Sri Lanka
Dr. Indika Weeraperuma
Kinross Dental, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Dentsoftware had all the features I was looking for and more. The workflow was easy to follow and gave a very comprehensive package. I also realised that a significant advantage with this system is that it can be modified and customised to the individual surgery need. From a cost perspective Dentsoftware is one of the most competitive software programs out in the market.

Dr. Alias thomas uses Dentsoftware
Dr. Alias Thomas
Sunny Dental, Kerala, India

was trying different dental softwares for years, but none of them met my requirements. Now I have been using Dentsoftware for few years. It helped me to meet all my dental clinic requirements and patent follow ups”

Surat based Royal dental, Gujrat India uses dental software from Dentsoftware
Dr. Mihir Patel
Royal Dental, Gujrat, India

I’ve found this dental software to be very useful. I really appreciate the straightforward interface, Dentsoftware is a good product. If anyone asks me about a dental software, I’m going to tell them about your dental software program. Keep up the good work”

kerala based Dr. Kavitha, Doctor32 uses offline dental software
Dr. Kavitha Biji
Doctor 32, Kerala, India

Dentsoftware has really eased off my work in my clinic. Its one of the best software that I have come across. Their service and after sales support are very prompt and good. They all are very supportive to me”

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