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Dental Appointments

  • Tracking and managing of dental appointments
  • Easy drag and drop for rescheduling and duration adjustment
  • SMS and Email reminders (available in offline too)
  • All Doctor, Doctor wise and Operatory wise appointment management
  • Day, Week and Month views
  • Completely work flow driven
  • Waiting list for dental appointments
  • Re-Call management
  • Available time checker
  • Various type of colour coding
  • Prioritising doctor and operatories
  • Blocking for Doctors unavailability, Non working hours and Holidays
  • Duplicate alert for doctor and operatory
  • Mapping with planned dental treatments
  • Quick reference to dental appointment history
  • Highly secured dental practice management software with specific access settings
dental appointment system in dental practice management software

Dentsoftware – dental appointment calendar is one of the simple to use but very comprehensive dental appointment management system. 

dental charting in dental practice management software

Dental charting is the heart of any dental practice management software. Dentsoftware has one the best and easy to use dental charting which does not require any detailed training

Dental Charting

  • Pedo, Adult and Mixed dentition dental charting
  • Graphical representation of diagnosis and treatment
  • Marking for Surfaces, Tooth, Quadrants, Arches and Full month in the dental chart
  • Supports Universal, FDI and Palmer tooth numbering
  • Ready for coding like ADA, CDT, UCLS, ICD9, ICD10 ...
  • Favourite Diagnosis and Treatments for quicker data entry
  • Treatment prioritisation in dental treatment planning
  • Dental practice management software with option for creating multiple dental treatment plans
  • Ready for insurance plans with co payments
  • Option for Plan based and Direct treatment entries
  • Option for declining or referring out the treatment
  • Tooth note and image display for a specific tooth
  • User changeable tooth images for treatment and diagnosis
  • Alert for general and medical complaints


No more prescription writing, create the professional prescriptions in few clicks

  • Prescription preset for quicker prescriptions
  • Prescription with generic names and medicine brands
  • Medicine specific and general instructions
  • Duplicate prescription printing
  • Paper size setting with letter head
patient prescription in dental practice management software
Dental billing software

Dental Billing

Dental billing covers all kind of payments from the patients or insurance companies. Detailed ledger with outstanding amount 

  • Detailed ledger for better understanding
  • Card, Cheque, Cash, Mobile wallet and Insurance payments
  • Dental practice management software with part payments
  • Tax invoice with with preset and changeable tax percentage
  • Dental billing with Refund and Advance payments
  • Pay discounts with specific privilages
  • Invoice size setting and letter head management
  • Follows double entry book keeping system

Reception Management

Easy manangement of patients waiting in the reception

  • Check in dock to know the waiting patients at the reception
  • Alert on the duration and type of treatment
  • Appointment dock for know the appointment summary
  • Alert on the patients arrival details
  • Various status like Checked in, seated, under treatment, performed treatment etc
reception management in dental practice management software
Dental Patient management

The patients can be managed very easily with Dentsoftware patient management section. They can be easily enterd with minimum data and searched using common parameters. The patent photo and details gives a quicker reference. 

Patient Management

  • Complete patient information entry like demographic, contact, family etc
  • Webcam integration or drag and drop facility for patient photo
  • Quick search with Name, Registration number, Mobile and National ID
  • Advanced search with multiple conditions
  • Complete patient profile view
  • Re-care management based on appointment and routine dental check ups
  • Patient consents and letters using preset templates

Images & Files

Dental imaging is one of the top priority in any dental practice management software. Dentsoftware has best methods to store it in local machines or in cloud

  • Easy uploading of patient images
  • X Ray, Panoramic, Intra oral, Lab reports etc
  • Zoom and image controls
  • Synchronisation with tooth notes
dental imaging system in dental practice management software
dental practice management software security

User management

We never compromise on the security. Role based and user specific security controls available in our dental practice management software. 

  • Role based and user specific security
  • Data viewing and editing rights
  • HIPAA compliant servers
  • SSL Security
  • Password stregth checks
  • Automatic session log out

Practice settings

Adjust the software based on your style of practice

  • Settings of own diagnosis and treatment list
  • Setting of tooth images for diagnosis and treatments
  • Own coding for diagnosis and treatment
  • Uploading of insurance price list
  • Creation of medicine list with generic names
  • Setting of clinic working time and holidays
  • Templates for consents, letters and email
  • Email and SMS configuration
  • Appointment time gap setting
  • Selection of type of dental charting (Universal, FDI and Palmer)
settings in dental practice management software
online appointment system in dental practice management software

Online Appointment

Integrate your clinic scheduler with your website or Facebook. Patients can take appointments online through this module which is always synchronised with our practice management software to display the doctors availability. 

  • Synchronised calendar to show only available time slots
  • Integrate with website or Facebook using button, link or iframe
  • Online patient registration
  • Multiple doctor appointment booking
  • Non accessibility for unavailable doctor time slots
  • Manual verification to filter spam bookings
  • Brief about the doctor in the doctors page
  • Responsible design to work on any platform

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